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Early start to the work day of selling bread

Getting an early start selling bread.

Where’s Togo?

Togo is located in Western Africa sandwiched between Benin on the east and Ghana on the west. Burkina Faso is at its northern boarder. Its coastal boarder in the south is on the Bight of Benin.


Work is a creative and productive activity which makes human life possible

After the foundation of commitment, responsibility, accountability, knowledge and habits are laid by the other aspects of our projects, sustainable trade is the end product. 1 Trade The most important asset is the minds of the villagers - thinkers, dreamers and motivators.  We continue to encourage a participatory approach as they come up with ideas.  Someone may come up with an idea, but may lack the capacity to implement it and having already worked together on their own community development they are more aware of the talents of one another. 

In working toward our goal of improved quality of life, these economic ventures arise from the villagers themselves.  Now better equipped with knowledge of their capacity and the resources and limitations of their surroundings, they can plan within the scope of reasonability and feasibility.

 Multiply the HARVEST acts as a guide so as to:

  • Use efforts to meet human needs first
  • Encourage development to their limits, incorporating good ethics and impact on  others and the environment.
  • Plan so as to have foresight for feasibility, budgeting, marketing and sustainability.
  • Encourage alternative ideas and approaches.

2 Trade

Alyse smoking fish












sunday market