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Rural Village School

Where’s Togo?

Togo is located in Western Africa sandwiched between Benin on the east and Ghana on the west. Burkina Faso is at its northern boarder. Its coastal boarder in the south is on the Bight of Benin.

We foster a mutually shared responsibility among all
those involved in producing knowledge and learning.
This principle leads to active participation in community life.

Education and learning underpins all aspects of the work of Multiply the HARVEST.  We advocate academic learning as well as learning life skills.  It is a mutual process where both villagers and volunteers learn.

Multiply the Harvest has started an Alphabetization program for illiterate women.  Many girls do not go to school because they must stay home to help with work or watch younger siblings.  Statistics show that the adult illiteracy rate is 40%, most of these being women.  There were 80 women that enrolled for the first classes.  Classes consist of a first and second year Ewe and a first year French.  A fourth class was started to accomodate women who particularily struggled.  Some of these women had never picked up a pencil before.  The program is a three year program.  Women must first read and write Ewe before going on to French. As the learning capacity evolves, the programs also evolve, to utilize the momentum from the learning process which has a long lasting effect in shaping future development.



Education programs for Vakpossito and the General public

Our programs will cover such topics as:

  • Prevention measures for common health issues
  • Natural Family planning
  • Good management of environmental resources
  • Basic Academic education for adults
  • Development techniques and practices
  • Social outreach
  • Cooperation and collaboration
  • Correlative skills / Problem solving
  • Financial management
  • Capacity building and empowerment