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There is no exercise better for the heart
than reaching out and lifting people up

Our Approach

For a community to design and develop a better living environment it is necessary to put into action the capacity which lies within every individual.  People who have lived for a long time under the burden of poverty lose a sense of responsibility and the capacity to find any solution to their personal and village problems. They need someone who can show them that something can be done to improves their lives. 

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Our approach starts at village level with a field team comprised of local partners, Multiply the H.A.R.V.E.S.T. volunteers and collaborative organizations who act as a catalyst to begin taking the first steps out of poverty. We do not implement projects that result in financial or material dependency.  Our projects require local resources both human and material.

Multiply the H.A.R.V.E.S.T. works with the village in deciding their needs and the methods needed to achieve their goals.  Basic education, re-education and awareness are key to our approach, giving the villagers a sense of responsibility and sustainability.   

We facilitate development by helping the village develop a structure of accountability, responsibility and ownership for initiating and sustaining positive change. Initially some infrastructure is put in place in collaboration with other established organizations who share their expertise in order to implement a project as well as train local villagers to maintain the community structure.         

Through our approach the villagers see the benefits of cooperative work using their own resources and will achieve sustainable living improvements. The village leaders, seeing improvements made, are encouraged to help their neighbors in the next village.